We are the owners of the Cerro Dominador solar power complex, comprising a photovoltaic power plant and a concentrated solar power plant, each one with a capacity of 110 MW. The company is owned by investment funds managed by EIG Global Energy Partners, whose goal is to contribute to the transformation of the energy matrix by developing renewable energy products. We generate flexible, manageable and sustainable renewable energy products through innovation.


To drive the transformation of the Chilean energy matrix, committing to energy generation for a sustainable future.


To become a benchmark in the fields of development and management of renewable power plants under the seal of Cerro Dominador, which means projects framed within a policy of innovation, competitiveness and integrity.


Commitment to the environment and sustainability, integrity and respect, professionalism, efficiency and innovation.

Major Milestones

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • Our Story

    We started with the challenge of implementing a unique innovative project in Latin America. The construction of the Cerro Dominador complex began in May 2014 with the laying of the first cornerstone of the concentrated solar power plant, which has a pioneer storage system that makes this technology manageable, offering the capacity to supply electricity reliably 24 hours a day during all periods of energy demand. A photovoltaic power plant was added the following year.

    In March 2015, EIG Global Energy Partners joined the project, acquiring a 55% ownership interest. In October 2016, the project became entirely owned by EIG and took control of it. The project began its operations in 2021 and since then it has been nationally and internationally acknowledged for its sustainability, international leadership and the way it works with the community. This type of management has brought us to this point.

    Gender focus

    Working at Cerro Dominador means believing in a sustainable future with environmental care, innovation, integrity, gender equality and professionalism in all our projects. We strive for developing technology of the future and modern organizations. That is why we have implemented more equitable environments in the management of our company. Our commitment is that women make up 40% of our staff.


    We promote solar energy in the country. We believe that Chile can be a renewable energy leader and we are helping it to get there. We produce energy that is 100 per cent renewable which offers reliability and security. We also aim to strengthen local industry.

    Management and innovation

    We search for innovative sustainable solutions like the Concentrated Solar Power Technology. There are close to 6.5 GW of CSP plants in the world, either in operation or current construction, that accounts for 28% of the installed capacity of all of Chile. Projects for 3.6 GW are also under development.

    Executive Committee

    Francisco Vizcaino

    Projects Director

    Diego Rausei


    Fernando González


    María José López

    Corporate Affairs and HR Director

    Claudia Onetto

    Regulatory and Government Affairs Director

    Pablo Cavallaro

    Public Affairs Legal Director