Pv Plant

The photovoltaic plant, with an installed capacity of 100 MW, will have 392,000 solar panels that capture the energy from the sun to deliver it directly to the grid.

NameCerro Dominador Pv
LocationMaría Elena, región de Antofagasta
Reduction of emission230 mill ton Co
InvestmentUSD 300 MM

The solar thermal plant

The solar thermal plant will have 10,600 heliostats in a solar field that will cover more than 700 hectares. Heliostats concentrate solar radiation at a single point, the receiver, located at the top of a 820 feet high tower. Radiation coming from the sun is used to heat molten salts. The molten salts generate the steam necessary to power a 110 MW turbine, which generates clean electricity.
The plant will also feature a thermal storage system with molten salts that will permit to deliver stable energy 24 hours a day

NameCSP Plant Cerro Dominador
LocationMaría Elena, región de Antofagasta
EmissionsPlant prevent de emission of 640 mil ton of Co2
ConstructorConsorcio Acciona Abengoa
InvestmentUSD 1000 mill
SponsorEIG Global Energy Partners