Our company only generates renewable energy from sources like the sun

USD 1,300 million is the investment in clean enery proyects during last two years

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Our wager is on renewable energy projects that help reduce emissions.


We want to move towards gender equality in our company and we are encouraging the hiring of local women for projects.


Our goal is to reinforce the solar industry in our country by promoting public debate, dissemination and promotion in localities.


We are fostering a strict compliance policy in our organization and in our contractors.

¿Sabías que ocupando sólo el 1% del desierto
se podrían abastecer de energía a gran parte del país?

Promocion Solar

Promoción Solar

At different levels we seek to promote the incorporation of Renewable Energy.

We are founding members of the Solar Power Contracting Association, which seeks to raise awareness of this technology in the country and promote a solar industry.

At the community level,

We are working on a solar education program with the high and elementary schools of Maria Elena that aims to bring students closer to renewable energy through experimental activities. In addition, we promote scientific tourism and education in subjects of technological-industrial interest related to our projects: we support the training of tourist guides and the elaboration of a script of the attractions of the region.

Cambio climático,
Colaboramos contribuyendo a un país más solar

Más inclusión, Enfoque de Género

  • Through “Mirrors” program, we set the goal that at least 20% of the personnel of an important construction area: the Heliostat Manufacturing and Assembly Building and the Solar Field, be occupied by women from the region.
  • In addition we seek to have an important endowment. Currently, 51% of Cerro Dominador’s direct staff are women.

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Colaboramos en la meta de alcanzar la carbono neutralidad en 2050