December 3, 2018

Cerro Dominador, Fraunhofer Chile Research, Sener, and Solar Reserve create the first thermosolar technology association in Chile

Santiago, December,3th. Cerro Dominador, Fraunhofer Chile Research, Sener, and Solar Reserve have agreed on the creation of the first thermosolar energy association in Chile. This new association, part of the renewable energy industry, seeks to position the technology of solar concentration power (CSP) as one of the solutions for the transition towards a more renewable energy matrix. One of the main characteristics of this technology is that, by taking advantage of the solar resource, it can generate manageable, clean and renewable energy both during the day and at night.

“Thermosolar technology has been gaining weight in the world. Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, United States and Spain are some of the countries where it has been successfully implemented. We are not talking about something incipient, but a technology that has already gone through the trial period and is a realistic option to contribute to the energy transition,” explained Fernando González, president of the entity.

Specifically, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile is one of the areas that offers one of the best conditions in the world for its development. There, the first CSP plant in Latin America is currently under construction.

In the world there are almost 6.5 GW in CSP technology plants in operation and construction, which represent approximately 28% of the installed capacity in Chile. “There are currently more than 3.6 GW in projects under development, and an exponential growth is forecast in the coming years,” explained Professor Frank Dinter, from Fraunhofer Chile Research.

Another goal of the new association is the promotion of local production, which is why the entity is interested in adding partners in the entire production chain: suppliers of salts and storage systems, builders, developers, advisors, and scientific entities related to this type of projects.

The technology

Solar Concentration technology uses the heat of the sun to produce clean electricity on a large scale, the key being its manageability thanks to the use of different storage forms.

The two most important types are parabolic troughs and concentration tower.

The common characteristics of both is that they are capable of delivering clean energy to the National Electric System, 24 hours a day.

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