The solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies of Cerro Dominador are able to provide electricity 24 hours a day in a manageable way according to schedules and households consumption.

The plant consists of 392,000 solar panels that capture solar radiation and transform it into electricity. Each photovoltaic panel is mounted on a structure of a sinlge axis that follows the Sun from East to West.

The set of panels forms a solar field of approximately 300 hectares.

The photovoltaic modules directly convert into electricity the solar energy that is received. The photovoltaic plant is connected through an independent power line to a substation which then delivers it to the Chilean electricity system, both for household and industry consumption.

How the plant functions

– Collection of solar energy through panels that convert sunlight through the photovoltaic effect into electric continuous current.

– Conversion to alternating electric current through groups of photovoltaic inverters from the energy generated in the panels.

– Transmission of the electric energy through an electric grid distributed in the solar field into the substation.

– Coordination of the energy dispatches of both the solar thermal and photovoltaic plants through a Control Center.

– Interconnection of the plant to the Chilean grid, through a substation that increases the voltage up to the point of interconnection and a substation that connects the output of the plant with the existing electricity network.


Among the advantages of photovoltaics is that photovoltaic technology is more mature, it is already consolidated and has short periods of installation.

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