The solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies of Cerro Dominador are able to provide electricity 24 hours a day in a manageable way according to schedules and households consumption.

Main components

– The energy is captured through more than 10,600 heliostats, mega mirrors that follow the Sun trajectory with a movement in two axes.

– Solar field of approximately 700 hectares.

– The tower is 720 feet tall to the part where the receiver is located. The tower has a total height of 820 feet.

– The thermal storage system consists of tanks for cold salts and hot salts. This system enables to generate electricity during the night.

How the plant functions

1) Solar concentration using mirrors focused onto a single point, the receiver is located in the upper part of the tower.

2) Absorption of the radiation by heating a current of cold molten salts up to a temperature of 1050° F.

3) Storage of hot salts in two tanks.

4) Extraction of the hot salts from the tanks in order to transfer heat to the water and generate steam.

5) Generation of electricity from a steam turbine.


The Cerro Dominador project combines photovoltaic energy with solar thermal energy under the Smart Solar Plant model, which enables a high manageability of the produced energy.

The solar thermal energy solves the intermittency problem of other Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE), enabling the independence of the solar resource.

The Cerro Dominador project developed in Chile forms part of the Government’s Energy Agenda, which aims to generate 20% of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2025.

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